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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
If my calculations are correct, Nadal beat Federer 5 times at Roland Garros out of his 7 victories (4 times in finals, and 1 time in SF).

Out of Federer's 6 WTF championships, he has beaten Nadal 4 times (1 in a Final, 2 in SF, and once in RR play). In the 2 SF years, how is it Federer's fault that Nadal ended up in the other SF?

Also, is it just me, or does the OP have "underrated" and "overrated" backwards for what he is trying to insinuate?
You're missing the OP's point. The OP is saying that Nadal's FO wins have more heft because it was RF ont he other side of the net. Fed's WTF wins usually did not have Rafa on the other side so his WTF wins get underrated.
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