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Well, we can pretty much disregard this. This was for a Combo team who's religiously made it a habit of filing NTRP self-rates for some of their players lower than they should be. Because they're exclusively playing just Combo, which doesn't count for NTRP level changes, yet is governed by it's requirement to rate someone before they can play, they'll continue to stay at their self-rated levels indefinitely. It's basically a bs loophole in the regulations made for this league and kept like this by the committees who rule on it. Doesn't seem right to require an NTRP rating to play within this league, yet not allow the NTRP rating to change based on match play. I can see where if you're playing exclusively just combo it can be hard for the system to tell who's the dominant player on a team which could have accounted for a team winning or losing, but not raising or lowering player's NTRPs even when they advance repetitively to state finals is just letting people get away with cheating the system. I guess even the USTA doesn't let the tennis code of ethics govern their ability to write rules, which is a shame because they're the first to throw the book at anyone else when they do anything wrong.

This is a prime example of tennis politics which shouldn't be allowed!
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