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I correct incorrect line calls on myself.

I stop the point if I've nicked a ball that flew past me.

I reward points if I've hit the net.

I try very hard not to cross over the net with my racket to hit a ball that's not crossed into my side of the court first.

I don't foot fault like all the other league players out there, but at the same time I try not to make a big deal out of it for others at the local level. I do mention it to them to watch it if they ever make it to legit tournaments and/or state finals, where it could be a problem. Now, if you're foot faulting into the court by a foot or more, I'll call you on it, but again, I start by telling you first and if things get really bad, I'll make it a point to make a big deal over it, but I've never taken points on someone who's just egregious on doing it. I just won't play with them anyone if they're not going to fix their foot-faulting issues.

If you're an advanced player, I don't call lets when a ball that I know for sure you've seen roll on the court once an aggressive point is under way. Usually both of us are advanced enough to not trip over a ball we know where it is and most of the time, I've seen weaker league players call lets when this happens just as the stronger player just ripped a winner which they knew they couldn't get to anyway, regardless of the lucky timing for the ball rolling onto the court and them calling a let.

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