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Well at tournaments, you're going to play a variety of players. I am a junior player myself. How I view it, I'd like to say that there are four main types of players out there.

1) The ball basher. This type of player hits as hard as they can with very little patience and consistency. They are the easiest to beat if you can move around the court well.

2) The pusher. This player just gets the ball back in play and rarely misses. To win, they count on their opponent's own unforced errors and impatience.

3) Consistent all around. This player is good in all aspects of their game whether it's groundstrokes, serving or volleying.

4) Inconsistent newbie. This player may be new to tournament play and has a very inconsistent style sometimes mishitting the ball. The type of ball they give varies greatly.

I think the type of player your son played was #4. At such a young age, one cannot expect a player to hit every ball cleanly. Your son's opponent seems to be like that. Short balls followed by some deep balls and then back to short. I find it hard to believe that this was the kid's strategy all along. In this case, I would just work on anticipation. Make sure that your son can move up into the court easily and also back away if needed. Tell him to keep a cool head. It does not matter if you lose a point or game. Each match is a opportunity to improve so being able to keep calm and patient is all part of the process. Mental toughness is just as important as how well you execute your strokes are if not more important. The more matches and pressure situations your son experiences, the better he will get and know how to react!
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