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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
Hi Irvin, I apologize for what happened between us yesterday. I did not see your apology until now and I am sorry about that.

I want to ask your opinion on something. How much tension, if any, do think can be lost by clamp strings 1 inch or even more from the frame of the racket as opposed to clamping strings 1/4 of an inch from the frame of the racket?

I do appreciate your willingness to share you ideas and I really thought it was amazing how you used a piece of string to speed up weaving on the crosses, that really was a terrific idea.
How much tension is lost? Not enough for anyone to notice. I prefer to clamp the string as close to the frame as possible especially on the tie off strings. Therefore when i can I tie of the next to last outside main so I can get around the outside supports. I also like to tie off the top and bottom crosses when possible as long as I can stay away frm short sections of the frame supporting a pull.
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