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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Fact is, Nadal's success against Federer on so many big stages torments some Federer fans. They can't stand how Nadal has leading head-to-heads against all his main rivals (18-10 vs. Federer, 19-14 vs. Djokovic and 13-5 vs. Murray), and wished Federer had such a record against his main rivals.

Sorry guys, but you can't have it all
It seems to me, that these days the *******s (and Mustards ) are touting the H2H. Most of the Federer fans have long ago moved on.

Living in the past, are we?

Other than that. Nadal performances didn't affect the importance of any event. No matter if he was doing OK or not.

On the other hand, the tournament directors are panicking, if Federer decides not to play. See Basel, for example.
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