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Originally Posted by Rafter4ever View Post
Well, you guys squandered 3-4 golden chances, Suarez goal would have been an afterthought.

1st half - torres fired a shot, saved by jones, rebound to hazard and he mishit the volley way wide. Mata's one on one with jones, with so much pitch in front of him, chose to go high instead of taking the ball closer.

2nd half - torres mistimed a header from freekick by mata. oscar free kick to torres, torres header saved by jones, frenzy in front of goal, ball landed right front of mikel, mikel tried to shoot, MISSED THE BALL COMPLETELY (this is the play where gerrard laid hurt at goalline).

Glad to see BR sub Suso for Sahin. Suso playing behind Suarez started to hold up play better and became more attack minded, too good of a young talent to play in the wing.
We certainly did miss alot of chances, Oscar had one early on that he blasted over too. I think the lack of a clinical finisher is a problem. Torres last year complained that the team was set up for Drogba, great players should be able to make things work for them no matter what, but maybe he had a point. This year the 3 creative players behind him are there to put chances on a plate for Torres. Unfortunately he doesn't have what it takes to make things out of them, his footballing brain seems too slow to connect with what these young geniuses want to do.

Can you imagine someone like Aguero working with those 3? It would be crazy. It goes to show really how sometimes spending a bit more than you would like on a player who is seriously needed can save you alot of money in the long run. We didn't want to give Aguero £200,000 a week, instead we let him go and ended up having to panic buy Torres for £20 Million more than Aguero would of cost, oh and we're paying him an extra £50,000 a week.
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