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Here is my reply. Was Djokovic's grandpa passing away the only reason that he lost to Nadal, when he was owning him on every surface? Once his grandpa died, it effected Djokovic and Nadal took advantage. What this shows to me is that until barring such a tragic loss, far greater than a divorce, a mentally stable Novak ruled the bull, at least Nadal's parents are healthy and alive, and still very much a part of his life. While Djokovic's grandfather, who looked after him when he was a boy during war, left him forever....

Such a pathetic thread, when you think about it.

(Sorry to the genuine Nadal fans, but sometimes you give a troll what he wants).
ROTFL Djokovic's grandfather was probably about 80. People are expected to die at that age. Those who are stunned by it need to get out of their fantasy World with pink unicorns and fluffy clouds. Djokovic isnt even a top 40 clay courter all time at this point. His success against the undisputed clay court GOAT Nadal on clay in 2011 was the aberration, not the other way around.
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