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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
If Jill Hultquist takes your advice to recruit as a primary priority in her back yard....the PNW.....and is successful, you wouldn't have much of a chance to be making such a parental recommendation living out there in Hawaii, would you?

For the sake of your child's potential college tennis career, I hope no coach of a competitive D1 program....except Hawaii.....takes your advice.

Hmmmmmm.....maybe I'll check the U Hawaii roster right now to see if they are following your advice and succeeding at it, or are ending up doing what the UW and WSU coaches are doing.


Looks like U Hawaii is taking the Jill Hultquist route. I do not know if you have the same objections about the U Hawaii program as you do about U Washington, but it seems to me the points you are trying to make would be pretty applicable in your own back yard.
For someone who claims to strive for accuracy, you are pretty good an inaccurately representing what I have said.

To repeat, primary is not a synonym for as exclusive, it is more like 'first'; go look it up. Secondarily, you explore the geographic territory covered by your conference. Thirdly you go nationally and internationally. This is recruiting 101.

The people at UH are good people. Even with our great weather, they have their own particular set of recruiting challenges. If you know any 5,4 or 3 stars encourage them to contact our coaches. They will not be told don't bother if you're not top 30.
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