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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
BTW, I just can't even take this BCS ranking at all serious. Clemson is ahead of us as well in one of the computer polls hat the BCs is based on!!! LOL.

The only way we can ever find out who is really the best is to have at least 8 teams in a playoff.

If not we are going to always wonder if bama could beat Oregon (i say yes). If Notre Dame could beat A&M (doubtful)...etc..etc.

It just all seems pretty stupid to me. Especially when you watch college basketball march madness and it is so entertaining. I am not suggesting a 64 team playoff, but a college football playoff that shaved 2 crappy games off the schedule and allowed for 8 or 16 teams would be so much better than this nonsense.
Everyone gets rich, so everyone is happy. The bowl system is pure genius IMO. The controversy actually adds to the interest.

The fans will watch anything even if they b!tch about it. It's sort of like a reality show where we root for X (Boise State) and against Y (Notre Dame). We get to hear from the coaches and fans for X and Y. The pundits weigh in, etc. What a great system. I think they let the fans vote for a few bowl spots. Maybe have some team go through a few "challenges" to get some other bowl spot. Lots of possibilities.
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