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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
I think the whole complaint here is that there are a lot of coaches who look at the other teams on their schedules and say, "I cannot compete with those teams unless I get blue chip recruits or foreign recruits who are equivalent to blue chips. So, I will offer scholarships to blue chips, especially if they are local or have some tie to my university, but I am unlikely to get many of them, so most of my recruiting will probably be overseas."

However, they say this to themselves, not in an interview. That is the whole beef here. The UW women's coach was honest about her situation. I have not seen that kind of bluntness from too many other coaches. The Baylor men's coach was interviewed a couple of years ago and was asked about the foreign recruits issue, and said the same thing. But most coaches keep quiet about it. even if they are thinking the exact same thoughts. Apparently, admitting the truth in public makes you a really bad coach, while doing the exact same recruiting without talking about it is fine.
I think that's part of it, it's not the whole beef. She opened the door, I'm just walking through it.

I also think its where she draws the line, top 30, and the bigger fallacy that these 'experts from abroad' are somehow equivalent to the 'blue chips' she has to compete against. I think the records show that most of these kids turn out to be no better than than the 5 star Americans she feels are not good enough. People need to see that and understand our tennis kids are pretty darn good, and deserve better consideration from our coaches, who seem to be too quick to go abroad.
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