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Default Practice with him...

Originally Posted by NouKy View Post

I am a parent a 11 years (almost 12) boys, who started tennis 2 years ago.
I am not a tennis player myself and try to help my little as possible.

Last weekend, he was playing a satellite tournament and beat a seed player.
As he didn't have a lot of experience i thought that he would lose in the first round to that seed player.
This player has a very good stroke and move well, my son also have a good stroke and move well too.
And he win the match 6-1 6-0
Now in the second round.
I am not really good at telling, but it seem that this player doesn't have a stroke quality of the 1st player, so his ball can be short or long not depending of his willing, the same for the direction of the ball.
So My son panic and lose completely the match.

The point now.

My son lost before he lost the match. I see the difference after he began to lose some game, he is completely dreaming, not even counting his point.

I am sure that if the first player, would have play this other player it would have beat him.
because when my son was leading in the game, the seed player still play his game consistently.

How can I give advice to him, to stay and play the same ?
He is a shy person and is easy to intimidate, another example when someone just get louder and say "come on" repeatedly, i get afraid and began to dream to nowhere.

Thanks disruptively and coach him through the disruptive situations. Most of it is timing and not being accustomed to storming forward to deal with short weak balls.
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