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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^I think this is often where issues on the board occur. Those in the tennis teaching industry tend to use certain terminology to mean certain things and it's okay because all those on the inside understand them. When talking to those outside the industry we have to remember the terminology may not be so well agreed upon and understood.

For example, Sureshs uses the term "late" to describe the contact in relation to the ball (where a coach would use on the rise or on the drop) as opposed to a coaches use of "late" to describe the contact in relation to the body (i.e. a contact behind the plane of the body).
Here is a proven coach who uses "later" as opposite to "on the rise." So your generalization of what terminology coaches use is wrong.

"By hitting the ball on the rise you don't have to be as exacting with your placement as you are when you take it later because you are robbing your opponent of time," says Paul Annacone.

Here is another link:

As you watch Andre Agassi in this, his last professional tournament, observe his unsurpassed mastery of the skill that has been largely responsible for his success: taking the ball early, a.k.a. hitting on the rise.

And finally, from the disciples of the great Oscar himself:

Taking the ball on the Rise Drill

This is also known as ‘taking the ball early’
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