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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Because Nadal has always struggled against ****. Even before **** found his miracle cure. Last year spoke volumes to me about that match-up. The only way Nadal can beat him is if **** plays poorly,otherwise,it's not possible.
If you consider leading the h2h by I don't know how much before last year struggling... He has always been a tough opponent for him. But so has Nadal been for Djokovic. It was him you could say the one who's always struggled more, you could say. It was him who couldn't beat Rafa on Rafa's best surface, while Nadal could beat Novak on his. It was him who couldn't win the really big matches. Even last year, with the way he was playing and the way Nadal was playing on clay, and while Djokovic won the clay matches on straights, they were close matches with not more than one break a set, I believe.
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