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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I strung up a Pro Kennex Racquetball racquet that was slightly too long for the mounts. I did that by taking 2 hex nuts and using them to fill space between the posts and the head.

I suppose similar creative solutions like that can be done. Is it ideal? Absolutely, not!! What's even worse is if someone goes ahead and does the string job with loose mounts and strings it anyway, disregarding the warping that could take place. I've been around long enough that I wouldn't put that beyond anyone to do that.

Is it possible that Alpha has a better solution to that? Maybe, but having to buy an additional accessory is not ideal either. At minimum, this problem is a pain in the rear.
There is a billard spacer that you need. I was able to get on from Silent Partner, someone from GSS mentioned it would fit my Sensor, instead of buying one from Babolat.

E-Force rackets are a PITA without the Richter tubes. I pray for some of my client to break thier rackets so I don't have to string them again.
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