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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
For someone who claims to strive for accuracy, you are pretty good an inaccurately representing what I have said.

To repeat, primary is not a synonym for as exclusive, it is more like 'first'; go look it up. Secondarily, you explore the geographic territory covered by your conference. Thirdly you go nationally and internationally. This is recruiting 101.
Whoa, you are not usually so condescending unless your feelings are hurt. Don't know where I said or suggested "primary" is a synonym for "exclusive".

What I did say was "If Jill Hultquist takes your advice to recruit as a primary priority in her back yard....the PNW.....and is successful, you wouldn't have much of a chance to be making such a parental recommendation living out there in Hawaii, would you?"

Translation: If she can be successful....if..... in finding two recruits a year (most years) from the PNW as her primary/first/non-exclusive priority, non-PNWers won't get recruited.

I'm standing by that one.

Maybe after you've been through the recruiting process, if that happens, you will welcome candor such as Jill Hultquist's.............instead of false encomiums that are heard from more than a few coaches who sometimes string along kids right through to the end of the process, even though they knew from the beginning they would never give them an offer.

Some people might call this Recruiting 201
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