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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I don't see where any of the statements above make sense with the proper
understanding of the terms.
What does height have to do with taking it early??
What does stance have to do with taking it late or hitting out front?

They also don't align well with Annacone's comment, where he used it correctly
about "on the rise" or "taking it early".....which has little to do with "hitting out
The comments were narrowly focused about the terms early and on the rise, and the claim that coaches never use them together.

It is not relevant to what you are saying. I already posted before and had at least one person agreeing with me that hardly anyone hits on the side, so I do not think hitting out in front is a meaningful advice.

That is the not the same as what was being discussed now, that somehow all coaches never use early and on the rise together.
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