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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
The people at UH are good people. Even with our great weather, they have their own particular set of recruiting challenges. If you know any 5,4 or 3 stars encourage them to contact our coaches. They will not be told don't bother if you're not top 30.
Good people = don't talk about why you are taking foreign players. It is ok to take 7 out 9 players from foreign countries like last years women's UH team (more than UW!) as long as keep your mouth shut and don't make comments about it.

Hmm why are they not growing an american base of players? Why should you encourage 3,4,5 star players to contact them? Isn't that the coaches job to find these players and recruit them? Is it because they are lazy, bad recruiters or just pulling the trigger too soon on offering foreigners a scholie when a there are so many deserving American girls out there?
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