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Tension used for playtest: 54lb main, 52lb crosses.

Regular string set up: Kirschbaum ProLine II at 54 lb. Also use Luxilon M2Pro

Racquet brand and model used for test: Head Microgel Extreme MP

Power of test string: About the same as Pro Line II. Good power for a poly.

Feel: Not bad for a poly. Good feel at the net as well.

Spin: Good spin provided good technique is used. Much better than the Gamma test string. About equivalent to P II and Lux M2Pro

Comfort: Excellent. I used to have TE and shoulder problems. None with this string.

Durability: I am not a string breaker but it is equivalent to ProLine II. Good durability

Playability Duration: Very good. Have used for 6 hours and there doesn't appear to be any significant drop off.

Control: Excellent as per most poly strings. I can swing out without fear.

Compare to the string you use most often: I use Kirschbaum ProLine II. This string is very similar. Similar feel, great control. Good feel.

Tension recommendations I would recommend less than 55 lb on a 100 sq inch racket.

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.

Likes: Control, power, and feel (in that order).
Dislikes: None really.

I definitely would buy this string to use if it was cheaper than Pro Line II
Thanks for TW for allowing me to participate in this string test!

Update: Played some doubles over the weekend with it. Still great playability. I now think that I should have strung maybe a pound or two looser(around 50). Still everything I said above is true.
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