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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
ROTFL Djokovic's grandfather was probably about 80. People are expected to die at that age. Those who are stunned by it need to get out of their fantasy World with pink unicorns and fluffy clouds. Djokovic isnt even a top 40 clay courter all time at this point. His success against the undisputed clay court GOAT Nadal on clay in 2011 was the aberration, not the other way around.
Who are you to say that his grandfather's death didn't effect him. What kind of callous BS is this? My response was to a troll, who can talk about a divorce, but if I give the troll his own medicine, you're jumping up and down because it goes against Nadal...How do you know how much emotionally attached he was to his grandfather? I felt his pain when he looked up to the heavens after his match against Dolgopolov in MC, and he couldn't sign that camera. So there is nothing to ROTFL about.

Undisputed clay GOAT? Yeah, right! Sorry, but you can't compare eras, and since we will never know how he would have done in Borg, or anyone else's era, he certainly aint undisputed. Hypothetical, fantasy spectulation is not fact, and it certainly does not make him undisputed. And who did he beat anyway? Djokovic, who isn't even top 40 according to you, and Federer who you don't think is even in top 10 right? He beats a bunch of chumps and he is undisputed...give me a break!

And while I don't have to mention it, I lost my Grandfather this summer, and he was 82, and it tore me apart, because his memories can flooding back for weeks. So, there is nothing to ROTFL about.
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