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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Actually you didn't prove me wrong - I made no reference to the phrase early at all and was merely pointing out that your understanding of the term "hitting late" is likely not how it would be used by a coach (hence your disagreement with 5263).

oh, and you brought up the hitting in front issue and confused it with taking the ball on the rise/early - which I had already explained to you earlier was not the same thing thing (as one can hit the ball on the drop and still make contact in front)!
Whatever. You equated late with ball drop, which is the same as early with ball rise. Take it to an English teacher and let me know how she reads it.

And what I had said before is that you can stay back and give yourself more time, and yet the ball out in front, which is what you are saying again now. I did not confuse anything - you were just too eager to find some fault. Go back and read what I wrote - someone can stand back (and so let the ball drop) and still hit out in front. You say the same thing now and claim that I said the opposite.
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