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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
I think that's part of it, it's not the whole beef. She opened the door, I'm just walking through it.

I also think its where she draws the line, top 30, and the bigger fallacy that these 'experts from abroad' are somehow equivalent to the 'blue chips' she has to compete against. I think the records show that most of these kids turn out to be no better than than the 5 star Americans she feels are not good enough. People need to see that and understand our tennis kids are pretty darn good, and deserve better consideration from our coaches, who seem to be too quick to go abroad.
Talent evaluation in foreign recruiting is difficult. Lots of foreign recruits sound great, but they don't play the same tournaments as most of our American players, so it is hard to compare them. I have seen a lot of foreign players turn out to be mediocre by the standards of the team that recruited them. In fact, they often end up transferring to a slightly lesser school pretty quickly, after the player and coach have both figured out the situation in the first year. (Maros Horny Baylor->Maryland, Dennis Lengsfeld Baylor->Auburn, Jordi Vives USC->FGCU are a few examples on the men's side.)

So, the UW foreign recruits might not turn out to be competitive with the blue chips at USC, UCLA, and Stanford. But the UW women's coach knows with even greater certainty that the five-stars and four-stars in the Pacific Northwest will not be competitive with those blue chips, because they DO play the same tournaments, and the blue chips totally dominate them. With a foreign recruit, at least there is a possibility that they will be as good as their paper credentials make them sound.
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