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We recently lost a sales manager to workforce reductions - he blew his annual target out of the water on one large deal (I think it was $25 million per year or thereabouts) and he is going to have to fight to get the $75K commission that comes with it. Big money can change hands, but you've got to always be working if you want the top honors.
What surprised me it the money/level ratio. In most big firms, every department has a similar ladder structure. For the same rung in the ladder, a sales guy can make 3 to 4 times what a guy in another department makes, which may be higher than what some of the top people in other departments make.

When moving from one job to the next, the "rolodex" is the key. I knew a guy who lost a job and a potential new employer openly told him to produce his rolodex during the interview - which I believe is a violation of business ethics. You are not supposed to try to steal your former customers, but that seems to be a prerequisite to get a new job. Quite a lot of questionable things go on in sales.
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