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I liked this season. We got monumental upsets, great comebacks, and some epic matches coupled with the low points of people retiring.

My favorite things were the upsets. We got Rosol and his absolutely brilliant fifth set against Nadal, Marray/Nielsen shocking the entire world of doubles tennis and taking the Wimbledon crown, Patrik Rosenholm showing what potential he has defeating Monfils (shame so few people saw that match), Jerzy Janowicz' rise to fame at the Paris Masters, and Andy Murray FINALLY winning a slam. I almost forgot about the comeback kid (well, he's not really a kid anymore) Brian Baker, who went on to show that giving up is futile.

Also, BLUE CLAY, I WANT YOU BACK!!! Really, the best surface of the last few years. Beautiful and fast.

There are probably some other moments, like the Tsonga-Raonic match at the Olympics (liked that one for its insanity), and Team GB in the mixed doubles (too bad that Laura couldn't keep her nerves at bay at the end, but she played superbly)

Disapppointments were the retirements. My favorite players both said thank you and good-bye at the US Open, then another slam winner went in Ferrero, probably the last real flamboyant top player of the last few years in Gonzo (we lost two racquet smashers this year!) and finally Ljubo. A bit disappointed in Rosol aswell. He had every opportunity to capitalize on the second round victory against Nadal and promtly went away in the next round.


EDIT: HOW COULD I FORGET ROBIN? I hope he's back early next year and demolishes Rafa at the FO again!
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