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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
The Grand Prix de Europe was not insignificant, but it had no pretentions as a world championship, unlike the 4-man American tour or the 14 tournaments of the Ampol world championship. Gonzales did not play Europe that year, and Hoad coasted, only playing well at Roland Garros, which was part of the Ampol series, not the Grand Prix de Europe.
McCauley appears confused about the Ampol series, and makes no distinction for those events.
I stated that Hoad was 6 to 2 against Rosewall on the Ampol world championship series, as follows;
Won at Perth, Adelaide, Los Angeles, Forest Hills, Roland Garros, Kooyong.
Lost at Sydney, Brisbane.
Unless my math is very crazy, that makes 6 to 2.
1959 is a good year for comparisons because there was an extended world series featuring all 12 of the top pros, all of whom displayed their best tennis, and in no other year was there a similar wealth of matches.
Rosewall against Gonzales on the Ampol circuit;
Rosewall wins in Brisbane (twice), Los Angeles
Gonzales wins at Sydney
Thus, Rosewall had a 3 to 1 edge on the Ampol series.
Dan, Joe McCauley was not confused. He was very conscientious. You rate the events rather subjectively. F.i. you always belittle the Grand Prix in 1959 ( a long series of four top players).

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