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Originally Posted by timeisonmyside View Post
Are you looking for a smart phone or just basic cell phone?

I have the iPhone from Virgin mobile. It's a no-contract pay as you go plan. You pay the full price of the phone up front ($650), but the monthly charge is only $30, and you get 300 minutes with unlimited data and text. Additional minutes are 10 cents each, but if you find yourself going over, you can just get the $40/month plan which gives you 1200 minutes.

I got my mom a basic cell phone from Virgin as well. $20/month for 400 minutes.

Overall very pleased with the service.
I've checked and checked and have no use for a smart phone. I'm just not into that stuff. So a good basic phone at a cheap rate is the way to go. . . I guess I consider myself an extremely low volume phone customer and the pay per month seems the way to go for this reason.
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