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OP, I hope your fh has improved so far, but in any case, I'd like to add a few things.

A few more details about stance and weight distribution during the swing. assuming you are a righty,

neutral stance and left foot pointing forward in general. whatever you do during the backswing and prep, the most important thing, at contact point, your weight must be on your left foot. It could be transfer from right foot to left or just left foot planted throughout, but at contact, the weight should be on the left. With this stance and weight distribution, when you extend your arm and try to brush up the ball with your hand well in front of the body, the racquet face should be closed (facing down from vertical) on contact. When the stance and weight distribution is NOT precisely as such, the face will be less closed or open and the ball will fly with loss of control unless it becomes dinking or arming with no confidence.

Hope this helps.
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