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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Whoa, you are not usually so condescending unless your feelings are hurt. Don't know where I said or suggested "primary" is a synonym for "exclusive".

What I did say was "If Jill Hultquist takes your advice to recruit as a primary priority in her back yard....the PNW.....and is successful, you wouldn't have much of a chance to be making such a parental recommendation living out there in Hawaii, would you?"

Translation: If she can be successful....if..... in finding two recruits a year (most years) from the PNW as her primary/first/non-exclusive priority, non-PNWers won't get recruited.

I'm standing by that one.
So the there-are-only-25-blue-chips-not-30-we-must-strive-for-accuracy guy is calling me condescending ? Seriously ?

Anyway, you say you know that primary is different from exclusive, but then you posit the she recruits exclusively from NW and winds up with a roster that is exclusively made of up PNW'ers ?? Huh ?

Reality is she should strive to find one every year. Wont always happen. Some years the talent won't be there, some years it will. She needs to take a hard run at every five star and even take a look the top four stars in her section.

I have said, in two separate posts in this thread, that a couple of foreign kids on the roster is a good thing, and Clark is spot on saying that she should recruiting California hard.
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