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I know that any drugs including NSAIDs and cortisone can be dangerous. That's why I don't take cortisone, and I only take NSAIDs sparingly. When you say that it's about removing what caused the inflammation, I think that includes hitting aces and chasing down balls that normal people wouldn't get.

For me, it's all about personal choice. If a baseball pitcher or a pro tennis player knows that without these drugs they won't make money, it's their choice, and we all know which choice they will be making.

For us normal guys, it's usually more of a choice that involves being able to compete with your friends and doing well at local tournaments at your level versus slowing down your game and playing with the older country club players. I'm not making the choice for anyone.
You misunderstand what I'm saying. Here's my story: I blew out my shoulder from serving. One of two things would have prevented this: changing technique, or strengthening my rotator cuff and increasing flexibility. Anatomically, my motion was nowhere NEAR the extent of professional players (external rotation did me in), but for an amateur, like you said, it was too much. What I'm getting at is if you're having problems with your shoulder, knee, whatever it is, if you can do therapy, then do it every single time. If your cartilage is simply degrading, then that's NOT what to do. That's how I ended up having terrible ROM in my right shoulder. I had a tendon tear, but before they detected it, I did years of PT and my ROM would only get worse. I was simply building up scar tissue around the area. Now, thankfully, the tear has healed, but the scar tissue still remains. But had I done the strengthening exercises when I was say 15 (when I first started noticing that if I went for too much I would get a shoulder twinge), I wouldn't be where I am now. All of the NSAIDs and cortisone in the world made me feel better, but they did nothing to improve the state of my shoulder. All I'm advocating is that instead of looking to meds first, perhaps you can get healthier and prevent future injury.
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