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Fed realizes he isn't going to win anything of significance anymore without a fast surface so obviously this for his own personal benefit.. But I agree with him, there should be a some fast surfaces. Wimbledon, YEC, and Flushing should have stayed. We have enough slower courts during the first hard court swing and clay season.. Thats half the season.. Thats enough

One of the great things about tennis before was guys had to deal with both conditions (fast and slow) during the first and second half of the season.. Now its the same old slow crapola year round. It breeds complacency, no game plan, no implementation of new strategy.. NOTHING.. its a free ride for slow court grinders

People think I'm crazy when I say were going to have 4-5 more players in the next 10 years win the career grand slam.. But this is the reason why its going to happen. When Prior it was done ONCE in 30 some years?

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