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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Sorry, I disagree.

It is common and understood that folks will warn their partners (or say things like "Stay") when the ball is on the way to the other side. This is not cheating.

It is something that can be punished if the other side chooses to claim hindrance. So long as I accept your hindrance call should you choose to make one, there is no problem and no one has cheated.

It's not me who is putting you in the unpleasant position of having to call a hindrance. The rule does that. After all, the rule could be written to say that talking is automatic loss of point. The rule is not that rigid, perhaps in recognition that minor and well-intentioned communication doesn't present a problem for most people.
Nope, it's real simple.

You're cheating, breaking the rules by your own admission, and daring your opponent to challenge you.

The reason this is true is revealed in your last statement: "The rule is not that rigid, perhaps in recognition that minor and well-intentioned communication doesn't present a problem for most people."

The moment you head down the path of "most people" there will be, by definition, "some people" for whom your cheating IS a problem and you've put them in the position of calling you on it. You too are one of those "some people" annoyed by chatter since you called it on your opponent.

And if they don't call you on it at first, or at all, you've garnered an unfair advantage over opponents who DO play by the rules and don't call out to their partner while the ball is heading towards you.

So even if the opponent never calls you on the violation you're still gaining an unfair advantage.

More importantly, your own actions described in the OP demonstrate that you're cheating. In THIS particular instance Cindy Sphinx decided that her opponent's actions were a violation. She became her own little ITF/USTA official by making that declaration while simultaneously declaring her own violations over the years as legit.

Well, there's the rub. It's really quite likely that you've had opponents who suffered your violations in silence, at least on the court. And then they went off to their circle of friends just as you have done her and railed against the obnoxious Cindy Sphinx who repeatedly distracted them from their play.

They simply chose to remain silent while you cheated.

And that's why rules exist: so that each player can't appoint himself or herself Judge, Jury, and Executioner (or biased mini USTA OFFICIAL) over their opponents.

And observance of the rules is that which separates the ladies and gentlemen from the cheaters seeking every last advantage whatever the cost to their opponent in headaches and frustration.

As we've taught our boys, character is what you do when nobody else is looking over your shoulder (or being put in a position to discipline you).
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