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Get over yourselves. Sickening would be if he'd be going to bullfights, certainly not making a frigging video clip

I really don't understand what is it that bothers Nadal fans about that kind of thing (assuming for a moment that Ms. Nadal is a fan of Rafa).

Originally Posted by DropShotArtist View Post
I think most players usually say Wimbledon is the highest slam, including Nadal.
Rafa feels that way because of Toni's influence, and because he likes a challenge. Maybe Mustard knows exactly how many players express a preference one way or another. I can say my other favourite player, Ríos, always said RG was his favourite slam and he couldn't have cared less about Wimbledon...

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
You know I am not going to agree with that. Lol. Djesus is better at everything compared to Nadal. He just couldn't hang physically and it cost him.
No, he's not. Why do you think Rafa has a much better record against the other top players too?.
""If doesn't exist in sport. If never comes. You have to do it" Nadal
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