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Undisputed clay GOAT? Yeah, right!
He holds every record that exists on clay, practically every tennis fan and every single tennis expert now calls him the clay GOAT, so yes he is the undisputed clay GOAT. If Federer is the undisputed GOAT like his worshippers such as yourself refer to him, then Nadal sure is heck is the undisputed clay GOAT as he is 5 times or more the clay GOAT than Federer is the overall one. Continue living in your dream World though.

And while I don't have to mention it, I lost my Grandfather this summer, and he was 82, and it tore me apart, because his memories can flooding back for weeks. So, there is nothing to ROTFL about.
Then you are one of those who lives in a fluffy World with pink clouds like you apparently think Djokovic does (which is your own delusion as I am sure he is far stronger than you are, and anyway you are just BSing as always and trying to make excuses for your beloved idol). My grandparents are both in their 80s, and when they die it will be sad, but it will also be expected by all in the family, since that is what people 80 are over do at any moment, they die, and likely go to a better place. If you reach 80 you have already lived as long as expected, and anything past that is a bonus. It is not something that affects a normal persons daily life for months the way an unexpected death in the family at a premature time does.

Monte Carlo was immediately at the time of the passing so naturally he would be more emotional then, but to somehow translate that to anything more is ridiculous and desperation on your part.

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