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Default How to lead tape a 25 inch racquet to make it 12oz?

I'd like to lead tape a pure drive jr 25 inch racquet to make it 12 oz from the current weight of 8 7/8 oz. If I put 2 strips of 1/2 inch lead tape x 5 inches x .5 grams per inch = only 10 grams!! I need 28.3 grams to equal one oz, but I need almost three x this amount and I'm afraid I would build the grip up too much making it too big for my kid. There is no butt cap to open up and insert fishing weights. Any other ideas?

I'd like to create a racquet equal in weight to what I used growing up so my son can feel what it is like. He likes the weight of some of the old wooden racquets I have laying around, but they are just too much length for him to swing well.
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