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Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
I liked Drysdale and Stolle.

Mac is not the "perfect" commentator, but without him who is left?

-His brother who just says "Hello!" when someone hits a hard shot?
-Mary Carillo whose claim to fame is that she won mixed doubles at the French with Mac?
-Brad "everybody should respect how great I am" Gilbert?
-Pam "I struggle for relevance because nobody knows who I am" Shriver?
-Navratilova and Evert who were great players but can't commentate at all?

One of the best matches I ever saw in terms of commentary was a QF? night match at the USOpen between Federer and Roddick where Agassi joined Mac and the studio goon in the booth. The 2 ex players gave really good insight about both players and the studio goon mostly stayed quiet. It was nice.
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