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Don't know what is so hard to figure out.

First, if you go on a message board and tell someone to "go look it up", I think it is not unreasonable to expect that someone would consider that to be condescending...... and in fact, I think there might be a pretty good chance that more direct, graphic terms would be used to describe any person who feels a compulsion to post that way.

Second, if any facet of business or sports.....can be satisfied through the first priority solutions, I think you don't get to the secondary priority solutions. Otherwise, I think, the first priority would not be the first priority.

Just my opinions. Now on to the substance.

I am not ready to give Jill Hultquist advice that she should take a run at every five star, and the top four stars in her section. And I don't know why that advice....whether it is good or bad..... is even directed solely at her and not at the Washington State coach or the U Hawaii coach, for example, or any other coach.

As a parent, I welcome her candor about her recruiting standards. Someday, if you go through the recruiting process as a parent, you may begin to understand where I am coming from, even if you apparently do not understand now.

Maybe the disconnect in our views is that you are primarily interested in the success of the U Washington women's tennis program (why this might be, you haven't disclosed), and I am primarily interested here in the Junior Forum in the perspective of potential recruits who are sizing up their chances of getting an offer from UW and trying to figure how much time, effort and emotion to devote to that endeavor.

I'll take a Jill Hultquist approach any day over the smooth talkers and Johnny and Janey Feel Goods who have no qualms about raising false expectations among recruits and letting them crash in a heap.

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