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1. Federer winning Wimbledon.
2. Blue Clay.
3.Murray winning US open.
4.Rosol magnificent performance against Nadal.
5.Berdych scalping Federer at the Open.
6.Janowicz Paris run.
7. Del Potro 2 wins over Federer
8. Djokovic winning WTF
9. Murray getting owned After us open

1. Australian Open slowing down even further. The final had both players grinding for 6 hours with more ue than winners.
2. Tsonga 1-14 Top ten win ratio
3. Nadal missing WTF
4. Nadal winning RG
5. Murray winning Gold medal singles and losing mixed dubs final.
6. Del potro losing a 2 set lead against Federer at RG
7. Federer losing the WTF
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