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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
It does not matter where you look before the ball toss, I receive 160-190km serves all the time. If you are focusing too hard before the toss, you're probably already loss focus when the ball arrives.

The eye and brain knows what's coming and where. You just have to let them work faster by doing the below.

1. Stay fully relaxed and watch the opponent's body language, you will pick up what he will do after 1 set. (Advanced players always do this)

2. Stay very relaxed until he strikes the ball, then you give it all the focus and concentration on the ball only, your eyes will be on the ball only!!!!! your body will move naturally on its own to meet the ball.

3. Lastly, this is absolutely crucial!!! And very very simple. Stay very low and lower your centre of gravity, your eyes will be underneath the ball when the opponent tosses the ball. Your brain process things a lot quicker if the ball is above your line of sight, things like , ball speed, direction and spin. I'm not going to explain the physics of it.
Good points but I do not fully agree with #2. Prior to contact, elite serve returners fixate on the ball briefly prior to contact according to studies on this subject. Take a look at my post from 3 years back on this subject. It contains a link that is germane to this thread...

Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Prior to the ball leaving the server's racquet, I am primarily watching the server's upper body and his/her ball toss during their service motion. Perhaps I dwell a bit too much on the toss tho'.

I have read several journal articles that discuss this very issue. Interestingly, elite players will watch the server and the ball somewhat differently from less accomplished players. Elite players will fixate on the ball only briefly but will spend more time fixating on a few aspects of the server's upper body. What is really interesting is that elite players will have fewer fixations than lesser players. However, the duration of each fixation is longer for the elite player. It would appear the the non-elite player will have their eyes jump around a lot more than the elite player. Here is one of those studies:


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