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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Q to you.. so when do you fire that offhand?
It happens as a result of my hips opening up. Tough to describe but its after the hip i would guess. Its all a pretty fluid motion for me.

Originally Posted by forehandbackhand21 View Post
Ok, now I'm curious because thats exactly what used to happen to me... I had a really loose floppy wrist and I'd violently drop my racquet head very harshly.. it was a jerky movement. How is the wrist and dropping the racquet head connected?
If you drop the racquet head too early you can fall into the trap of using the wrist actively in the swing to correct it. What helped me to fix it for good was to always have the tip pointing up during prep. To ensure this i would use my offhand to adjust the it is grooved in and i have a consisent racquet drop.
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