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I have a DC Plus and love it. I fixed the tower creep with larger washers that engage the entire bottom of the rails under the table and also by using some channel locks wrapped in neoprene to tighten the screws down a bit more. I will soon be changing to some hex key screws which will solve the issue entirely, but since I don't have to change my tower positions too much because I string 90's and 93's mostly, I'm fine right now. The problem with the creep is that you just can't get enough torque on the hand knobs of those tower screws to tighten them enough.

However, the linear gripper, the all steel table and rails are a bit plus. Gamma uses aluminum for their table and if you look closely, the grippers actually twist the table rails when you lock them in place and release tension on a string. There was a video posted a while back that showed this. While it was stated that it's not that big a deal, the solid look and feel of my Alpha just makes me feel better. The linear gripper also allows for less string to be used when you string since you don't have to wrap around the gripper 50 billion times to get it to hold. I string my 90 with just 33 feet of string and start the short side with 9 feet. Try that with a Gamma and let me know how it goes. Also, when it comes time to upgrade to a Wise head, the mounting will be nice and clean looking, not rigged like it can look on a Gamma base... another "Plus". Yes, pun intended.
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