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Originally Posted by psYcon View Post
It's fairly irritating. Sometime back while in office I saw a co-worker of mine, a guy in his late 30s rambling about some football match to another. He then asks me if I saw such and such match, and I told him I am more of a tennis fan. He had this look on his face like he had almost never heard of that sport before. I asked him if he knew about Roger Federer or Nadal , and he gave me this blank stare. He had not even heard of Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi. The only guy he had 'heard' about was McEnroe.

Honestly, after that exchange, I started distancing myself from that guy. I don't care how unpopular a sport tennis is in the US now. How can someone not even have heard of these legendary players??
I'm a citizen of USA and I live in USA. I don't know what country in The America's you're talking about. North? South? Central? Guatemala? Canada? Faulkland Islands?
I don't think it's a bad thing if the average person in any country of The America's can't name any current tennis players. Or players in any sport, members of a band, or actors on TV. I'd never "distance myself" from people for such a silly reason.
I can't name any current professional football (soccer) players. From the past I know of only Pele, Best, Chastain, (sp?) and Maradona. That's all. I even had to google Maradona and Chastain to spell them correctly.
I can't name more than 5 current NFL players, but I can name about 40 from 1972.
Basketball? Maybe 4 current players. 2 of them have tennis connections. Noah, who's first name I forgot and that Sasha (Sharapova's ex bf) guy who's last name I don't know. I've read 4 basketball biographies on older players.
I have read about 120 tennis biographies and I know a few hundred names.
The only ignorant thing about tennis that might have ever bothered me is when people who don't play but love baseball, boxing, basketball or football (the kind played in NFL), real football (soccer), hockey, etc., say that tennis is a sissy sport.

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