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Originally Posted by Crispvolley View Post
Honestly, if it hurts that badly and you have insurance, go see a respected Orthopaedic surgeon - preferably one that specializes in elbow/arm issues. They will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment plan to hopefully resolve the issue.

I am 36 and like you never had any injuries to speak of, until recently when I had some issues that I thought were symptoms of golfers elbow. It got to the point where I could not straighten my arm, so I went in and had it looked at. 15 minutes later I was told my issue was really triceps tendonitis, given a treatment plan, and within two weeks I was back on the courts. Your issue could be more or less serious than mine, but you really won't be able to know until have it looked at by a professional so you get the right diagnosis and recovery plan.
Wow yea that's awesome all of you

Yea the thing is it sounds I'm like you, I get a pain and just go on, let it work itself out, but yea time to see a Doctor, this is rediculous. By the way I've heard that before (Golfers Elbow), it's clearly on this inside, the muscles exact opposite side of the elbow bone, they just burn all the time, now it can hurt with stupid things (Picking up a towel or other light things)
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