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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I had to look up what a plantaris muscle is. Never heard of it before.

You need to stop playing tennis for a while, perhaps see a doctor, and slowly start doing some rehabilitation work. I've become a believer in weight training for tennis, especially for people who are aging. Likely you've lost a lot of strength and even a basic strength routine will help build muscles and strengthen tendons.

Once you feel healthy enough to start playing again, see a good coach or perhaps video tape your performance and look for technique errors. Start slow and work your way back into it. I see guys in their 80s still playing tennis, so I think it is easily in the reach of most guys to play through their 50s assuming no degenerative diseases.
The strange thing is that I have alot of muscle, I believe in working out with weights also.

Yea man I have just fell apart, it's almost funny because I never really had any injuries except for small stupid things.

The Plantaris my doctor told me is in the calf, FIRST SERVE back I fell to the ground, evidentelly as strange as it sounds it rolls up and dies, at least that's what my doctor said. So yea incredible pain, playing with one leg and pain pills, then my other one goes out, then in the hospital with a torn tendon in the foot ankle area, then neck, man...........and at only 39, well 38 and 12 1/2 months

I can see how the Nadals of the world can be in so much jeopordy as they are full speed all year. I'm not even in first gear compared to him!
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