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Originally Posted by ace0001a View Post
I am going to reiterate that everyone's entitled to an opinion, we can all agree to disagree and to each their own which is what makes sense...
What does holding an opinion have anything to do with the validity of that opinion with regards to how it may work out in "real" life? I can hold the opinion that a person jumping head first off of the top floor of the Sears tower with no type of protection will survive the faceplant into the concrete sidewalk. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn't mean their opinion should be given any weight in an argument.

In the case of this thread, the opinion that Federer switching to a bigger head size else he descend even more, is fallacious. If he were to switch and start winning more there is no way one can attribute that to being the primary reason, or even any part of really, for the "renewed" success. The only way this issue would even have a chance at entering a real debate would be for scientists to study Fed during the course of one or two seasons where Fed is constantly switching between head sizes during each match he plays.

To put this more succinctly, the burden of proof is on those who believe Fed changing to a larger head size would improve his game. The reverse isn't true for those who say changing will not matter because Fed has enjoyed unparalleled success with his current racquet. Those who believe no change will matter have evidence on their side. Those who believe changing will help have absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up their claim at this point in time. All have a right to form an opinion but not all opinions get to enjoy the same weight in a discussion. So, there is no "agreeing to disagree". Either get some evidence to back up one's opinion or it will be treated as the joke it's put forth to be.
If knowledge is power, yet we are not so quick to give just anybody power, why then should we be so free with knowledge?
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