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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Yep. I agree. I think 70s - 90s conditions had most varieties and thus much
tougher to win multiple slams.
In a way, though homogenization does present different challenges (there's no safe haven where you can serve people off court and keep points short)

Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
It's ironical that Federer himself benefited when Wimbledon and US Open
slowed down their courts from 2001 - 2003.
That's debatable, you're convinced he wouldn't have the same or similar results, I'm not, I consider him very adaptable so I wouldn't put it past him to dominate even in the 90s conditions.

Fed won his his first Wimbledon serve and volleying on almost every 1st serve (he probably serve and volleyed in that tourney more than the other current top players did in their entire career).

Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
In fact, Federer himself complained US Open courts are so fast "unplayable" in 2003.
No, he said in 2005 that the all the courts have gotten very slow and that there aren't anymore North American HCs that are unplayable from the baseline, he was also saying in those years that he would like to serve and volley more but doesn't think that conditions are ideal for it.

Not to mention that over the years he has complained several times about the homogenization of the game and slowdown of surfaces.
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