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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
First of all Fed never played Ljubicic in slams (he's as much as his rival as David Ferrer is today) though his greatest triumph (winning a masters title)did come in the strong era year of 2010 (beat both Nadal and Novak on the way to the title btw.).

Secondly Mustard in his post didn't list Fed's (and/or Nadal's for comparison) H2H with Roddick which is my point basically, as you would say Clarky, Nadal fans need to make up their mind

Ljubicic was ranked 3 in the world at one point during Fed's peak/prime(IIRC). He is of that generation,which is all I was trying to say.

And Nadal losing to Ljubicic at IW was a disaster for him,and Nadal should have been embarrassed for losing that match.
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