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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Ljubicic was ranked 3 in the world at one point during Fed's peak/prime(IIRC). He is of that generation,which is all I was trying to say.
Yes but he never faced off with Fed in slams (that I recall anyway) so given the value slams have over every other tourney in this era it's hard to look at him as a rival, not to mention that he ended the year as #5.

As I said, a good comparison is David Ferrer (although he's certainly better than Ljubo), he could have ended the year #4 if he won a few more matches, still wouldn't consider him to be a main rival for the top guys.

However, that still doesn't really have anything do with my main point.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
And Nadal losing to Ljubicic at IW was a disaster for him,and Nadal should have been embarrassed for losing that match.
Was it an "amazing disaster" ?

But you still gotta give props to Ljubo for winning a masters title in a strong era (when Gods walked the earth) in his 30s.
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