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Originally Posted by Bergboy123 View Post
So I've been hitting the gym hard these past few weeks, doing intensive and high weight chest/shoulder/arm/leg workouts in the hopes of seeing results translate into my tennis game. But I've been reading up and it seems like high weight loads aren't good for tennis. I read that it should be low weight with high reps (opposite of what I was doing..) and/or resistance bands.

Anybody have experience here? Should I change my workouts? Are there things that have high priority that I should always do? Tennis-specific workouts are something that have always confused me, in that I don't know what to do.
Do both. Go a month with heavy low rep weights, then the next month high rep lighter weight.

You hit both quick and slow twitch muscles, don't see how that can hurt.

PS: Don't listen to those who say "Oh you'll get musclebound", that's nonsense. Do remember that bigger muscles equal more fatigue.
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