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Originally Posted by SQA333 View Post
Novak is an A grade grinder who benefits from pure luck. By that I mean whenever he's losing, his hit-em-as-hard-as-you-can shots somehow find the lines.

By the way, he also sucks at net. And at overhead smashes (just look at how many he's missed this year on big moments, especially against Nadal on clay). He's a terrible player in the wind as well.
Pure luck, hum? lol Apart from a few goofed up overheads, you're wrong about everything. He uses the net well, he's certainly not a ball basher a la Blake, he probably has the best backhand on the tour right now and he's an offensive baseliner (like most players these days) which is not the same as a grinder. Also shot placement has more to do with technique than luck. butthurt all the way today, aren't we? don't worry, you can always try summoning a hurricane next time he plays Fed although I remember a very windy Miami with a memorable Fed racquet destruction that went all Djoko's way in the end.
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