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Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
I hate being so cynical, and I'm not saying anything about Djoke, but these guys have to be nice, or they get killed in the media and fans.

Today Djoke spoke real nice about Fed, I thought "What does he really think, he HAS to say this or everyone will hate him". So I don't take what they say too serious, like that one guy said "they have great PR people".

Nadal keeps saying "Fed is better", does he really believe this or does he want to say "I am better than a legend most tennis fans adore".

It's just that everyone these days gets so offended, every day, about everything. Look at the posters on this forum, someone says something and they are jumped on, amazing how much confidence guys have behind computers. A guy starts a thread "How do I improve my forehand", watch, three posts down you have guys attacking each other. Oh well.....
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